Golden Wildflower Honey

Golden Prairie Honey


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Finally its here!!
This is our own honey from our own honeybees.
Six years in the making of this golden liquid.
Years of learning (and still learning) to maintain a
sustainable apiary (bee yard) with no chemicals.
We are so happy to offer our customers the limited surplus of this truly amazing sweet goodness.
We use absolutely no chemicals in or around our beehives and no pesticides in our bee-friendly fields and pastures around our farm.
All the proceeds from our honey sales, go right back into helping the honeybees thrive by providing more forage and nectar rich plants and trees.
Our Honey is raw, unheated and unfiltered (speckled with nature's pollen).
Crystallization will naturally occur, proving that our honey is unaltered and filled with all of natures goodness. Simply place bottle in warm water to de-crystallize.
Only offered in limited amounts.
So our bees have plenty of honey for their pantry to survive over our Michigan winters.
Available in one size
16 oz.
Update 2019:
Please note: The ribbon is no longer on jars-plain jars only available.