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Beeswax Candle Stubs

Beeswax Candle Stubs


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3" SWEET HONEY candles. These 3" Candles are made WITH 100% PURE AGED BEESWAX. Each candle is rolled in my own spice blend to give it a really early settlers' look. These little primitive beauties are so UNIQUE & old looking!! They look like they were crudely made in the early settler's days. These candles look great in a lantern, chamber stick holder or hog scraper. Perfect to pile up on an old board, in an old wooden dough bowl, trencher or on a treen plate! A welcome decoration to any traditional colonial home. You will LOVE these early looking candles!!! These candles will come to you as shown.

You can purchase them as singles or save and buy in a group of 2.