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Bee Relaxed Tea

Bee Relaxed Herbal Tea


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This beautiful infusion blend combines the robust flavors of flowers and mint.

This special blend is made with the same flowers and herbs that our honey bees enjoy here in our special healing herb garden. When you purchase this special blend 10% of the proceeds will go towards helping the honeybees. As you savor this tea, feeling tranquil and refreshed, feel good about helping our environment by helping the survival of the honeybee.

Contains: organic Chamomile flowers, organic Peppermint leaf, organic Spearmint leaf, organic Lavender flowers, organic Lemon Verbena, organic Cornflowers, organic Rose petals, and organic Stevia.


This tea's aroma is gentle and refreshing with a smooth, minty balance. Use for evening rest and relaxation.

Contains 1 oz. of tea in glass container.

Caffeine Free