Herbal Hand Salve

Herbal Salve


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Our Herbal Salves are made with our own harvest of healing plants from our medicinal herb gardens. We infused organic olive oil with Calendula flowers. The delicate flower petals were harvested when each flower was newly open retaining the most healing potential. Calendula can help soothe inflamed skin and combat infection from bacterial, fungal and viral sources. Next, we added our infused jojoba oil with our own field grown Lavender flowers which contain more than one hundred chemical compounds that are said to help relieve stress and anxiety and bring calmness to nerves. We added Shea Butter which is known for its moisturizing and healing properties. Shea Butter is also anti-inflammatory which aids in soothing irritated skin. Next, we added Coconut oil to add its skin softening properties, Beeswax for consistency , Vitamin E as a natural preservative and essential oil of lavender for a wonderful clean herbal scent. Use our Herbal Salve to smooth rough, dry and chapped skin. Excellent for dry knees, elbows and rough hands. We have had some customers tell us they use our salve as a lip balm, a perfume, and foot salve. Give our Herbal Salve a Try!!! Available in a 2 ounce size.
Update: Recently changed our label of this Best-Selling Salve,
to best fit its description and show the main ingredient
in this healing salve. The wonderful herb calendula. 
Now Available in Glass Jars!!