Guy Wolff Garden Pottery- Starter Pot

Guy Wolff Pottery-Historic Pottery


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We are so honored and delighted to offer the expanded
Greenhouse Collection of Guy Wolff & Co. Garden Pottery.
Guy Wolff & Co. has become the best known
line of handmade garden pottery in the US, drawing inspiration from
historic garden pottery of 18th and 19th century England, France,
Italy and the United States.
His passion for traditional pottery craftsmanship can be
traced over 30 years.
Handmade, historic garden pots!!
You receive one starter pot
4" high x 4" diameter (at top)
to 3" diameter (at bottom)
Great for herbs!


Please note:
Natural salts, minerals, soil content, and fertilizers will be absorbed by the pot
and will evolve the finish over time, as Guy intended. For those who wish to retain the original finish, leave your plants in the plastic growers pot. In
cold climates, bring these 100% natural terracotta pots indoors before
a frost.