Chickweed & Plantain Wildcrafted Salve

Wildcrafted Chickweed & Plantain Salve


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This salve was made from native plants on our property.
Organic extra virgin olive oil is infused with chickweed & plantain. Chickweed was chosen for its soothing and astringent qualities. Its main use in this salve is for treating irritating skin rashes, eczema, insect bites and inflammations. Plantain was used because of its antibacterial, antihistamine, antiallergenic, and astringent properties. It soothes skin from injuries, irritations and promotes healing.
Essential oils of Tea Tree and Roman Chamomile both known for their skin enhancing properties round off this 100% natural salve.
Wild-crafted responsibly.
*Great Salve to have as the Season of Summer begins.
Available in a 2 oz. size. Now available in Glass Jar!!